Eve-teasing is a torture, not fun!

This evening, i was waiting for a friend at one of the streets in khulna.

It was crowdy. I saw a group of boys having a fun-chat on a bench at the bus stand. Probably, they were waiting for the bus. In no time, a girl came and stood infront of the bus stop. I didn’t realise that she was standing just beside me until i heard some whisperings and whistlings. She seemed to a college student.I turned around and saw that they were pointing fingers at the girl and tattling about her. She noticed them as well. Not wanting any nuisance, she ignored them. After a few minutes, i heard one of them talking about her physique. They started laughing at her. She realised that they were laughing but didn’t know why. We heard one of them saying “apu size koto?” She turned pale but continued ignoring them. Another comment came flying in our ears

“Apu, jokhn etoi dekhano’r ichha tahole amader kache eshe dekhao.” Her eyes widened. I was annoyed and had an odd feeling that what made them comment such bad on her. When i tried to follow their vision, i saw that they were pointing on the bra-strap which had probably slipped out of her dress’s collar. After a while, she became concerned of that. She noticed a hand on her shoulder and turned around. It was one of them who was squeezing her shoulder. She drowned in the sea of embarrassment, rolled her eyes down and walked away. I saw tears falling from her eyes. She was nothing to me, i didn’t even know her but i felt bad.

Like seriously? A piece of fabric turned you on enough to tease her that bad? Don’t your sisters and mothers wear them? Why? Aren’t they human? Don’t they have the equal right to live? The equal freedom? What if this had happened with your sister or mother? There are uncountable ways of having fun but this isn’t one of them i guess. If mockeries hurt someone else, that’s not fun. That’s TORTURE.


Soccer fandom nowadays.

People are introducing themselves nowadays as soccer lovers. Most of them supports the well-reknowned spanish league’s greatest soccer teams, Real Madrid or Barcelona. It’s a really good thing that they support such great teams. There has always been a tough competition between these teams. They have got the highest paid and the greatest soccer players of all time.

People used to love soccer and support these teams before but nowadays they support mostly for a name or space in any friendzone or group. They are considering the rivals as their enemies. If they are a Barca fan, it has become tradition for them to mock the players or other team members of Real Madrid. So does the Real Madrid supporters. They leave no chance for insulting the Barca players.

The so-called fans fight in the streets when they hear someone saying something bad about their teams play. Is that what the players expect from their fans? The soccer players left their homes, families and changed their lifestyles only to chase their dreams and become what they are now but the fans of these days judge them on a single bad game. They give the players funny names to mock them like PENALDO, PESSI, BITER, DIVER etc.

If this kind of fan activity continues, soon the future of soccer fandom would come to an end. Soccer is a sport of love and passion, not hatred. So unite and enjoy this beautiful game instead of abusing them.